Miles Ahead, the Miles Davis movie 6 May Fri 2pm-6pm and & 7 May Sat 10am-6pm

Ron Lee | April 24th, 2016

miles_aheadAs a long time Miles Davis fan the Miles Ahead movies was very nicely done. After previously reading the Miles Daivis autobiography I knew what the scenes were portraying and how they fit in. There were scenes with his two great quintets. It was interesting to see how they cast actors to represent the muscicians.They also did a scene where Miles gets beat up by NYC police.

The music in the film were the real recordings and there was a substantial section of the credit calling out the recordings. All the classics like So What, Sketches of Spain, Solea, etc. were there. The soundtrack album has all the cuts plus some of the movie diaglogue. The last scene was a live concert with appearances by Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter. The nusic definitely set the scene for the movie.

The storyline was faithful to Mile’s life. Some of the scenes felt like they were enhanced for the movie. Overall this is a great movie for a jazz and Miles fan. I do recommend reading Mile’s autobiography if you are interested in the details and how things fit together. I am going to go back and reread it while listening to Mile’s albums.

On Fri 6 May Chuy and Mel will be covering Miles Davis and the Miles Ahead movie. Sonny, Mel, Dick and Kathleen will be doing the same on Sun 7 May. Listen in!

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