Listening to KCSM without an FM Radio

staff | August 21st, 2017

Article by:
Rene Renard, KCSM Engineer

Ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t listen to KCSM-FM on the radio? Maybe the FM reception isn’t so great where you work and your boss won’t allow you to install an outside antenna. Or you’re traveling to another city that’s way beyond Jazz 91’s reach. There is an easy solution; KCSM-FM offers free Internet streaming of our live radio broadcast at our website or via our free mobile app designed for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

Using your desktop or laptop computer connected to the Internet, navigate on over to On the upper left side of the page you’ll find a large green “Listen Live” button. Mouse click on that button and you’ll be directed to our streaming page. The web stream will automatically launch and play the same great sounding music you hear broadcast over-the-air on Jazz 91. You’ll find links to our playlist and to our show archives hosted by Radio Free America. Our stream URLs can also be found on the same page if you prefer to stream KCSM via iTunes or other media players.

If you’d like to listen using a mobile device, download the free KCSM iOS streaming app for iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store. You will find the Android version for phones and tablets in the Google Play Store. These apps feature playlist access as well as an alarm clock and a sleep timer so you can begin and end your day listening to KCSM! Allow “push notifications” during installation for a chance at special news, information and giveaways from KCSM.

KCSM mobile apps use the advanced codec recommended by NPR Labs (HE-AACv2) and sound great. The apps will work using Wi-Fi or most cellular data services. Be aware when using your cellular data plan, streaming with the KCSM app uses roughly 1GB (gigabyte) of data for every 35 hours of listening.

For more information regarding streaming KCSM or for any other KCSM-related technical advice, please send an email addressed to Happy listening!

2 Responses to “Listening to KCSM without an FM Radio”

  1. Doris Balabanian says:

    Thank you, Rene! I was recently in touch with you and you responded so quickly. With your new website launched, I was suddenly unable to stream this station, the only way I can hear it at home. Now, after what ever other changes you’ve made, I don’t have a problem, and KCSM is back streaming on my computer.

    Thanks again,

    Doris Balabanian

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