Ladies of Song, Saturday, Sunday: May 12th & 13th.

Fred Witt | May 8th, 2018

Jazz is replete with names of great lady singers. Some of the famous ones are probably favorites of yours. Love the sounds of Ella, Billie, Carmen and Sarah? How about discovering the late Della Reese as a singer, Jeri Southern, Annie Ross, and Betty Roche ! The jazz field has so much talent the listeners get lost in the field.

A great chance is coming up to sit down and soak up their talent the weekend of May 12th and 13th. This Mother’s Day weekend KCSM pays tribute to the Ladies of Song! Della Reese from Detroit, a singer from the 40’s to 2014 was a star in Touched By an Angel. Jeri Southern from Nebraska was a hit singer in the 50’s. Annie Ross (shown here), from the UK was best known from the trio Lambert, Hendrinks, and Ross. Betty Roche 40’s – 60’s Blues singer was famous for her dramatic song performances.

Join Sonny & Mel on Saturday May 12th from 10am-2pm; and Keithand Mel on Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 13th, from 10am-2pm for more Grande Dames! Fill the weekend with the joyful, playful, heartfelt, soul sound of the human voice—our very best in Jazz. And Happy Mother’s Day

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