KCSM Spring Pledge Special – Jazz Triple Threat 9:30am – 2pm Sun 18 May

Fred Witt | May 15th, 2014

14_05_15_KCSM_HoraceSilverSunday’s KCSM Special will be about three jazz greats: the 20-year career guitarist Wes Montgomery, the 50-year pianist Horace Silver (pictured here), and the 60-year composer/arranger/trumpeter Quincy Jones.

These folks cover a lot of musical territory. Wes is at the top of the jazz guitarists lists and even with his relatively short career was considered a formative agent for national soft-, soul-, and bop-jazz guitar. Horace is on the top 25 pianists list and provided original work in hard-bop jazz. Quincy has an “endless” list of show, movie and song hits that he has arranged. The greater magic of Quincy the trumpeter (click on the album for tracks) was his arranging and composing, bringing pages of song and show credits, nominations and awards. There are CD’s for all these folks among KCSM’s pledge thank you gifts !

Join Keith & Mel Sunday morning on KCSM to hear all about these three great performers.

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