KCSM Fall Pledge – Talk Like a Pirate Day 6-10am Thur 19 Sept

Ron Lee | September 18th, 2013

494How long since you last talked to a pirate ?  How long since you were just hanging around a few of them ?  Well, you can make up ground fast with KCSM and their Thursday morning show, “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”  Look for CD’s “Rogues Gallery” (a 2-CD musical pirate lament) and “Son of Rogues Gallery”  (a [guess-what] 2-CD follow-up to Rogues Gallery).  Hal Willner and Johnny Depp are part of the production of both of them.  The CD’s seem to have something for almost everyone; you can  listen in to KCSM & see for yourself.  Not to be cut short, not only will there be these CD- produced pirate songs & chants, our Alisa Clancy will grace you with her very own “talk like a pirate” for the show.

Don’t miss this chance for an adventure on the airwaves.  Switch on Thursday morning for Alisa & Jim.

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