KCSM Pledge – Frankie(Sinatra) and Johnnie(Hartman) Thu 5 Sept 2-6 and Sat 14 Sept 2-6

Ron Lee | September 4th, 2013

9_5_frankie_johnnyThursday September 5, 2 – 6 pm with Chuy & Mel
Saturday September 14, 2 – 6 pm with Dick, Kathleen & Mel

Frank Sinatra and Johnny Hartman were definitely different stars of the American Music constellations.  Sinatra, with a 50-year career of popular singing and is one of the best-selling aritsts of all time.  In the 20th century he was a singer for the “folks at home” for wide swaths of the nation.  Much of Hartman’s work zeroed in on the jazz music.  By example his album with Coltrane “John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman”is considered a classic.

On the KCSM afternoon jazz  Thursday 9/5 & Saturday 9/14 the Frankie & Johnnie stories will come out.

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