KCSM Features Nina Simone Special with Jesse “Chuy” Varela on Jazz In The Afternoon

Fred Witt | February 28th, 2020

Nina Simone is an iconic voice in American popular music and renown as “The High Priestess of Soul”. Jesse “Chuy” Varela celebrates Nina Simone with a profile of her life, legacy and controversy.

Jazz & blues singer Nina Simone of North Carolina started at the classical piano, singing to keep her education going. If you sift through her songs over the early years look for influences like Johan Bach in her piano work! With a great voice she became one of our heartfelt blues & jazz singers.

The civil protests of the 60’s loomed and entered her work (but did not completely take it over – the ballads of everyman’s heart are still there).

One of the KCSM Nina specials will be Wednesday, 2/19 with Jesse “Chuy” Varela on Jazz In The Afternoon

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