KCSM Fall Pledge – The Gershwins! 9am – 2pm Sun 15 Sept

Ron Lee | September 14th, 2013

477The brothers George & Ira Gershwin have composed some of the folk & pop music most fundamental to the American nation.  It’s almost impossible for someone growing up in the 20th century to have not heard some of their music.  The works range from the everyday tunes like ” ‘Swonderful” to the orchestral “An American in Paris” on overseas visiting and the folk opera “Porgy & Bess” at the core of the nation’s beginnings.  As George was also a performer his name was much more widely known.  Two CD packages with great coverage of them are “Michael (Feinstein) & George (Gershwin)”, 15 tracks and “The Complete Gershwin Songbok”, 3 CD’s, 48 tracks.

KCSM will have coverage of the Gershwins & their music Sunday morning with Keith & Mel.

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