KCSM Fall Pledge – Ella! 10am – 2pm Sat 14 Sept

Ron Lee | September 13th, 2013

488Who are among the best lady jazz singers of our times ?  Pick your list, but likely Ella is on it, & up there !  The fact that she had a great voice on several counts has just been the springboard for her spirit and variety in the life’s jazz song performances. (There was also a great smile !)  Her work has the fame to go with it.  Ella is an example of talent that can’t be held back, coming at one point from homeless orphan beginnings.  An interesting wellspring source is the 2-CD set that is available as a pledge gift, “Best Of The BBC Vaults”, produced outside of the US, with 50-some tracks.

Join Sonny & Mel Saturday midday on KCSM to hear tracks from this collection.

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