John Abercrombie – I’m Talkin’ Jazz – 11 May

Fred Witt | May 4th, 2014

14_05_05_JAbercrombieJohn Abercrombie, one of America’s leading jazz guitarists has recently released another of his albums, “39 Steps.” John is from the New York state and Boston, and was recently located in New York.

John has a reserved, open style. His work is distinct in progressive, fusion, and avant-guard jazz and he manages his own group, the John Abercrombie Quartet. John is a senior artist with a 40-some year career, has a long page of releases, and can be found on lists of the top 20 American jazz guitarists. John spent a lot of 2013 touring Europe.  He was at Yoshi’s Oakland this February, and will be in Norfolk VA on the 24th of this month.  Some of John’s tracks are pretty cool, and some can be *really different*. You can try some of John’s quartet tracks here.

John’s interview will be on KCSM’s ” I’m Talkin’ Jazz” this coming Sunday, May 11, with Clifford Brown Junior and you can get the story with Clifford and John.

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