Jerry Gonzalez, Ft. Apache Band – San Jose Jazz Summer Fest – 9 August

Fred Witt | July 27th, 2014

fort-apache1Jerry Gonzalez is a senior and truly accomplished latin jazz hand drummer, and trumpeter. Over a 30+ year career his Fort Apache Band has put out a great variety of music. Jerry has recently been living in Spain.

In the Fort Apache case, the music’s message isn’t in just the drum or trumpet; it’s in the whole band’s playing. Their work can range widely, from powerful classics to truly avant guard. To find out what’s in store for you, try some of their tracks for something that would set your day off.

Their recent shows go through a lot of points in Spain, and soon will be in California. After 8/9 at the SJ Jazz Summerfest, their calendar includes 8/16 – SF Yerba Buena Festival, and then off to South America.

For some of today’s Fort Apache music live get in on the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, later Saturday afternoon August 9, for the show in the San Jose California Theater venue.

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