Hello, My Name Is…

Jayn Pettingill | June 2nd, 2018


Jayn Pettingill (photo by Bob Lake)

Think of this post as an introduction of sorts, much like one of those name tags we’ve all been handed at mixers or conferences of one kind or another. Many of you are already familiar with me as we start our early morning Mondays, and thus the week, together. And to those of you who may not be, please consider these words you are reading as a Hail and Hardy greeting to you, from a fellow jazz lover.

Like you, I love this music we call jazz. As a part of the KCSM announcer staff, my work consists mainly of programming the music I am passionate about. Being in proximity to the great announcers here has been, for me, a dream come true. And as you are well aware, the San Francisco Bay Area has quite a “deep bench” when it comes to talent, radio-wise, music-wise, and all kinds of -wise. More importantly, KCSM  has you, some of the most devoted listeners anywhere, making our slogan “The Bay Area’s Community Supported Jazz Station” ring proud and true.

And like you, I am very curious about what is going on, who’s where and what’s what, and even what is the story behind that? So you’ll be hearing from me, in a different guise: the written word. More to come…and I hope you’ll be joining me in the conversation!

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