Grace Kelly @ KCSM Jazz On The Hill – Saturday 04 June 2016

Fred Witt | May 23rd, 2016

16_05_21_KCSM_GKellySinger-Saxophone player Grace Kelly will be on stage Saturday afternoon at KCSM’s free summer concert in San Mateo, on the college grounds.  She is from Wellesley, Massachusetts.  While a young performer, Grace already has quite a few years credited on stage, quite a few awards (and quite a few releases as well).

Kelly’s music style is versatile, now mod (and maybe mood), sometimes retro, and then clear & lyrical.  A great number of her performance numbers are vocals or saxophone instrumentals.  For some samples try here “Blues For Harry Bosch,” a “new” retro arrangement on sax with great melody, “Trying To Figure It Out,” a clear, melodic vocal from her 2016 release, “Ready, Set, Stay,”  a band stage vocal, and “Nuages,” a moody 2012 festival instrumental.

Visit the KCSM 2016 Jazz On The Hill (JOTH) festival Saturday June 4th for the show by Grace Kelly, and the day’s full lineup of artists.  Click here for the lineup.  Click here for the blog general notice on JOTH.

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