Ernestine, Sarah, Thad – Saturday 14 May 2016

Fred Witt | May 13th, 2016

Some of our 20th century jazz heroes – singer Ernestine Anderson & Sarah Vaughan, and trumpeter Thad Jones, here for you to hear !!

16_05_10_KCSM_EAndersonSinger Ernestine Anderson

Ernestine, from Texas was a long-term blues & jazz singer.  She grew up in a musical family and was showing up in family sing-alongs as a toddler.  Her voice started at good & just kept getting better, and she was off on her ~70-year career.  Her singing was much admired and before she was 30 she was hearlded as a great and compared to Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holliday.  Try a couple of her songs here, “Never Make Your Move Too Soon” and “All Blues.”  Popular albums of hers are “Swings The Penthouse”  and “I Love Being Here With You.”

16_05_10_KCSM_SVaughanSinger Sarah Vaughan

Sassy Sarah Vaughan with Sonny & Mel.  Come check in Saturday with Sonny & Mel for 4 hours on the 20th century jazz singing great, Sarah Vaughan.  For many of her works, the listener is treated to a voice coming from the rarefied atmosphere of time’s greatest singing jazz talent.  While Sarah’s piano & vocal talents are great, the best part is heart & soul she projects through the song into the performance.   Despite Sarah’s wide performance the key for many isn’t necessarily the variety, but rather picking their favorite style & theme, and listening to her voice through that slice of her music.  Try a classic here by her, “Misty.”  A nice album by Sarah is “Live At Rosy’s.”

16_05_10_KCSM_TJonesTrumpeter Thad Jones

Thad Jones, from Michigan was a 20th century trumpeter.  He performed for many years with the Count Basie Orchestra.  His music material and playing were similar to Thelonious Monk, Tim Hagans, and Richard Boone.  Calling back from the past, Jones’ work is smooth stuff.  Here are two of his most popular numbers for you to try: “Middelheim 1973” and “April In Paris.”  A great album with Jones is “All My Yesterdays” giving mintage music from 1966 in NYC.

Join Sonny, Mel, Dick, and Kathleen between 10 am and 6 pm Saturday May 14 for an afternoon of song and trumpet stories about jazz & blues stars.

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