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Cécile McLorin Salvant, San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, Sun Aug 14.

August 4th, 2016

16_08_02_KCSM_CSalvantCécile McLorin Salvant is a young singing star with a rising career at age 26.  Born in Miami FL she was in music early, with piano starting at age 5 and choral work at age 8.  At age 18 she went to France for study and performances.  Cécile has 3 releases out already.

McLorin Salvant sings with a really good voice: now delicate, and next powerful.  Her music has a classical, straight-ahead jazz style, but frequently has modern score passages, which add a new layer of interest.  Try here her song “If this Isn’t Love”, and here for the more ethereal and changeable “Fog.” In all the work, her quality voice comes through as a real high point.  (Many of her pieces on the web have excellent dynamics and staging: no one plays over anyone else.)

In addition to this show at Summer Fest, Cécile is appearing on a big tour sequence through AZ, San Diego, NY, before appearing at the Monterey festival in September.  Click here to see all her tour dates and places.

KCSM Interviews: Brendan Rawson, Exec. Director of San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, Tuesday Aug 2.

August 1st, 2016

SJjazzSummerFest2KCSM’s Alisa Clancy will interview SJZ’s Brendan Rawson live on her Tuesday show, Morning Cup of Jazz.

A San Jose native, Executive Director Brendan Rawson formerly spent time as Director of Cultural Participation at FirstACT Silicon Valley. He comes to SJZ with lots of experience in the arts, from his involvement in helping launch Left Coast Live to his time on the boards of Teatro Vision and the Bay Area Glass Institute. This is the third Summer Fest with Brendan at the helm.  Brendan will cover festival highlights, new special features, venues and more!

16_08_01_KCSM_BRawsonWhile SJZ certainly keeps Brendan busy, he also contributes to the local community through his involvement with Naglee Park Garage which he co owns.

On the eve of Summer Fest’s silver anniversary, Brendan shares, in his words, the five acts he plans to make time for this weekend.  Also, click here to see all the details of the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest.

KCSM at the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest Aug 12-14

July 26th, 2016


SJjazzSummerFest2KCSM will be joining you at the San Jazz Summer Fest 2016. There will be 3 days of music on 12 stages with over 120+ performances. You can hear jazz, blues, Latin, funk, R&B, salsa, New Orleans, world, Jazz Beyond, Next Gen and more! This all takes place in downtown San Jose. If you have been you know it is a blast.

KCSM radio will be broadcasting live on Sat Aug 13 from Cafe Stritch in downtown San Jose. Cafe Stritch is a lovely cozy jazz club on North 1st St. You can see the line up at San Jose Jazz Summber Fest 2016 Cafe Stritch Stage.

In addition KCSM will be sponsoring the music louge taking place in the Pagoda Restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel. Listen to KCSM to find out more about the music lounge.

We are looking forward to seeing you at San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2016! You can find out more info at San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2016 Aug 12-14.


SFJAZZ Center & SF 2016 Summer Program

June 22nd, 2016

16_06_15_KCSM_SFCenterIn the city of San Francisco the SFJAZZ Center is a remarkable place to go for a performance.  The place is pretty new, opening some 3 1/2 years ago.  The building can put on large and small shows (at the same time).  The Joe Henderson Lab seats up to 100.  Upstairs, the state-of-the-art Miner Auditorium is almost 10 times bigger and can seat up to 700-some.  The building is downtown at Franklin & Fell, just 4-5 blocks behind the War Memorial Opera House.

16_06_15_KCSM_JHendersonThe Joe Henderson Lab is small enough to get away with no sound amplification.  This lets you go directly mano-a-mano with the performers, that is, acoustically.  In this era of all-to-many occasions of sound boards that amped up the instruments and had them playing over the vocalists, this room gives a much better chance for a balanced performance.  Furthermore, if the amps are out of the way (or only minimally on), the true quality of the instruments and singer come through. The show last Tuesday was singer-trumpeter Bria Skonberg with a trio accompaniment. (See our review here.)  The sound balance was delightful; no one played over anyone else.  The performers and the sound quality were great.

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The Evolution of Bria Skonberg: SFJAZZ Festival – Tuesday 14 June 2016

June 22nd, 2016

16_06_14_KCSM_BSkonbergSinger, trumpeter, songwriter Bria Skonberg played in San Francisco at the SFJAZZ Center Tuesday, while the SF 2016 Jazz Festival was in full swing. Bria is a recent addition to our West Coast scene, appearing in the last 4 or 5 years. If you haven’t seen her, know that she has great singing, trumpet playing and songwriting, and has one of the warmest smiles on stage around. Her shows get remarkably good comments from the audience. One lady coming out at the end of Tuesday’s show was a new listener and was initially reserved. At the end she had a big smile and was heard to say “Dazzling [show]. Every motion, down to her hands touched you.”

Skonberg’s core music style is based on Louis Armstrong and New Orleans jazz. Bria has 3 releases, and was just signed by Sony with a new release coming this year.

On to Tuesday night’s performance at the SFJAZZ Center:

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Dianne Reeves @ Stanford Jazz – Saturday 18 June 2016

May 31st, 2016

Veteran singer Dianne Reeves will be on stage at the Stanford Summer Jazz Festival soon,  Saturday evening, June 18.

16_05_29_KCSM_DReevesDianne Reeves, our current artist comparable to Dinah Washington and Carmen McRae, brings us great works from American Songbook, straight-ahead jazz and preservationist scores. She adds talented scat, and at times reggae and salsa.  Dianne’s career, coming from a Detroit musical family and performances in her teens is layered with awards and feats.  Consider her five Grammy’s, shows at the White House level, and many releases.

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Stanford Jazz Festival 17 June – 6 Aug

May 30th, 2016

13220884_10153677355031378_4510861908241489767_nStanford Jazz Festival along with the Stanford Jazz Workshop has been bringing fine jazz to audiernces for over three decades. Musicians come to teach and play each year. There is a full lineup at Jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves opens up the season on 18 June. There are several performances by the students and faculty of Stanford Jazz Workshop.  The festival closes with the Stanford Jazz Workshop All Star Jam.

KCSM is proud to be a media sponsor of Stanford Jazz Festival and keep an eye out for our hosts.

Etienne Charles – KCSM Jazz on the Hill – 4 June Sat

May 30th, 2016

bamboocropTrumpeter Etienne Charles grew up in Trinidad and his music reflects the Afro Carribean sounds of the islands. He studied at Floriday State University with jazz pianist Marcus Roberts. He did his graduate work at Juliard in NY and now teaches jazz trumpet at Michigan State university wherehe is the assistant professor of jazz trumpet. He has released 4 albums under his own label, Culture Shock Music. He was recognized by a Guggenhiem fellowship and won the Carribean Heritage Trailblazer award for his contributions to the music of the Carribean nations.

Last summer he performed the debut of his San Jose suite at San Jose Jazz summer fest who commisioned the work. The album will release in early June. There is a nice writeup on his previous album Creole Soul in his bio on his web site at

On June 4th Etienne will be one of the headliner performers at KCSM Jazz on the HIll on June 4th. Come join us. It will be a wonderful day of jazz.


Julian Lage @ Healdsburg Jazz – Friday 03 June 2016

May 26th, 2016

16_05_15_KCSM_JLageJulian Lage, of Santa Rosa is a “young” acoustic guitar performer just under 30, but already with 15 years performing.  He was identified early as a prodigy, and had performed at the Grammy Awards at 13.  A lot of his work could sound like fusion or contemporary jazz.  Julian performs in multiple groups, has 7 releases out already, and has been nominated for a Grammy.   Try a few pieces here for yourself; “Freight Train,” and “233 Butler.”

Visit the 18th Healdsburg Jazz Festival in June between the 3rd & the 12th, and click this site for their full list of artists.

“Harmonica Charlie” Musselwhite @ KCSM Jazz On The Hill – Saturday 04 June 2016

May 25th, 2016

16_05_24_KCSM_CMusselwhiteOur country’s Blues singer-harmonica player, Charlie Musselwhite will be “on the hill” on Saturday June 4, at the KCSM free Saturday concert, Jazz On The Hill.  Charlie was featured as a KCSM special program last month on May 6.  Click here to see the review we wrote then of Charlie & his work.

You can get a couple of pieces here by Charlie to listen to: a fun stage piece, “Blues in A” and a really cool blues number for the ages, “Mississippi Beat Part I.”

Visit the KCSM 2016 Jazz On The Hill festival Saturday June 4th for the show by Charlie Musselewhite, and the day’s full lineup of artists.  See also our summary of singer-saxophone player singer Grace Kelly for Saturday’s concert.