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The Boys in the Band Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra & More!

January 22nd, 2018

The big band era brought us stellar jazz singers like Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. Nat King Cole started out as a jazz pianist with his own trio. He was quite popular through WW II. In 1943 Nat King Cole recorded his first mainstream hit, “Straighten Up and Fly Right” for then then new Columbia Records. This song sold 500,000 copies. Nat broadened out to include the new media of radio and television.

Frank Sinatra has been a perennial singer in America since 1943. He started out as a the recording idol of the “bobby soxers” generation. His discography is a major component of the great American songbook of the post WW II era. Sintra continued to sing and was a major artist through 1998. He was a major figure in the Las Vegas “Rat Pack” bunch.

Join Melanie, Dick, Sonny and Kathleen from 10am – 6pm on Saturday Jan 27th to listen to the stories of the Boys in the Band.

Fats Domino at 90!

January 22nd, 2018

On October 24th, the music world lost one of the pioneers of Rock & Roll and R&B, Fats Domino! For over 60 years, Antoine Dominique Domino Jr. thrilled us with his special brand of Soul and Boogie Woogie piano.

A native of New Orleans Fats Domino has over sixty million records sold to his name. He was one of the first inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His boogie woogie piano is legendary. His music is prime for dancing.


Join us for a 90th Anniversary Celebration of the birth of Fats Domino and the music that still keeps us movin’ and grooving’, on Friday, January 26th from 2-6PM and Sunday, January 28th, from 10am-2PM, right here on KCSM, the Bay Area’s Jazz Station.

Cuban Divas Celia Cruz & Omara Portuondo

January 18th, 2018

In the 1950s Cuban music exploded in popularity with the Mambo and Cha Cha Cha. It gave prominence to many artists but it was the female singers like Celia Cruz, Graciela, Olga Guillot, La Lupe, Celeste Mendoza, and Omara Portuondo, who captured the hearts of the world with their voices.

Celia Cruz ranks as one of the most popular Latin Music singers with twenty-three gold albums. Her career started in 1950 in pre-Castro Cuba and lasted through her passing in 2003.

Another Cuban singer Omara Portuondo was a contemporary of Celia Cruz. She was popular through the 60s-80s. Her career picked up in 1996 with the album Buena Vista Social club. She was a founding singer and is still part of the group.


On Sunday, January 21st, from 2-6pm, we honor the Cuban Divas on the Latin Jazz Show, right here at KCSM Jazz 91.

Feelin’ Soulful! The Staple Singers, Ramsey Lewis, James Brown, The Jazz Crusaders & More!

January 18th, 2018

The 1960’s defined an era of awakening as transistor radios, eight track stereos and Hi-Fi’s began to pop-up in every home. Nearly half of the population was underage and the brightest stars were linked to the British Invasion and the Motown and San Francisco Sounds. KCSM takes you back with “Feelin’ Soulful!”…A stroll through the soulful side of jazz with revolutionary artists such as the Staple Singers, Ramsey Lewis, James Brown, the Jazz Crusaders and more.

While Keith and Melanie are spinning the tunes on Sunday you need to check out out pledge gifts. You can find these CDs and more at our Winter Pledge Gifts







Join Keith and Melanie for “Feelin’ Soulful!” on Sunday Jan 21st from 10AM-2PM here on KCSM the Bay Area’s Jazz Station.

A Bounty of Blue Note: The Blue Note Sound/The Legends of Blue Note Donald Byrd, Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard and More!

January 18th, 2018

Since 1939 Blue Note Records has defined what Modern Jazz is all about. Founded by Alfred Lion, he named the label after the notes he said “he heard jazz musicians playing.” On Friday January 19th & Saturday, January 20th, KCSM Jazz 91 will celebrate the legacy of Blue Note Records with the artists and musicians who made the label great and changed the course of jazz by playing the “blue notes” Alfred Lion loved so much.

For all jazz fans Blue Note Records has been the label to go to and still is the premier jazz record label. Blue Note is best know for its recording of bebop and hard bop artists like Thelonius Monk, Jame Moody and Bud Powell. They would progress with the music to hard bop with artists like Art Blakey, Sonny Rollins and Donald Byrd. They were also the label that published the debut records for Miles Davis and John Coltrane. This was also the era of famed recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder.

A Blue Note discography can be found on Wikipedia at

It is well worth your effort to find Blue Note vinyl recordings.

Listen in on Fri 19 Jan from 2-6 with Mel and Chuy and Sat 20 Jan from 10-6 with Mel, Sonny and Dick.

Winter Pledge Gifts!

January 17th, 2018

The gift list for Winter Pledge is up at Lots of good music and cool stuff. Take a look and listen in on the weekends!

Winter specials are coming!

January 10th, 2018

KCSM listeners! Get ready for our Winter 2018 specials programs. For three consecutive weekends the hosts at KCSM will be focusing on some of the top artists. Here is our current line up! Watch for more details on our blog and website!


A Bounty of Blue Note:

The Blue Note Sound/The Legends of Blue Note

Donald Byrd, Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard and More!

Friday, 1/19, 2-6PM with Chuy & Mel

Saturday, 1/20, 10AM-6PM with Sonny, Dick & Mel


Feelin’ Soulful!

The Staple Singers, Ramsey Lewis, James Brown,

The Jazz Crusaders & More!

Sunday, 1/21, 10AM-2PM with Keith & Mel


Cuban Divas

Celia Cruz & Omara Portuondo

Sunday, 1/21, 2-6PM with Chuy & Chris Cortez


Fun with Fats(Domino) @ 90!

Friday, 1/26, 2-6PM with Chuy & Mel

Sunday, 1/28, 10AM-2PM with Keith & Mel


The Boys in the Band

Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra & More!

Saturday, 1/27, 10AM-6PM with Sonny, Dick, Kathleen & Mel


Eddie Palmieri

Sunday, 1/28, 2-6PM with Chuy & Chris Cortez


A Marian McPartland Centennial Celebration

Friday, 2/2, 2-6PM with Chuy & Mel

Saturday, 2/3, 10AM-6PM with Sonny, Dick, Kathleen & Mel


Happy Birthday Ray Charles Sat 23 Sept 7am – 6pm

September 20th, 2017

KCSM is celebrating the birthday of Ray Charles all day Saturday. The genius and master of soul is celebrating his 87th birthday. Listen to KCSM for some great music and programs on Ray Charles.


Women of Soul – Etta Jame, Ann Peebles and Aretha Franklin

September 20th, 2017

Fri night Kathleen and Harry will be exploring the music of Etta James, Ann Peebles and Aretha Franklin. Tune in for a soulful and bluesy evening. Listen to a few samples below.

Listen to Etta James’s intro to this song. Not many singers can do that…

Sisters of Soul and Jazz Fri 22 Sept 2pm-6pm

September 20th, 2017

Enjoy an afternoon with Mel and Chuy exploring the sisters of Soul and Jazz. Melanie has been digging through the library and archives looking music from the great soul and jazz artists. Tune in on Fri to see what she found.