Bria Skonberg – Kaiser Permanente San Jose Jazz Winter Fest presented by Metro – Sat March 5

Fred Witt | February 16th, 2016

16_02_12_KCSM_BSkonbergFestival headline performer, coming back to San Jose Jazz (SJZ) by poplar demand – Bria Skonberg, rising singer-trumpeter!

Our chance is coming: Bria’s show at the SJZ Winter Fest is Saturday, March 5 and will be at the downtown San Jose jazz club Cafe Stritch on S. First St (below San Carlos).  We SJZ-goers first got to see Bria as a new addition to last year’s Summer Fest.  Her shows were a happy surprise.  For more info on Ms. Skonberg’s work, see our posts on Cafe Stritch Review, Interview & Show @ Piedmont PianoInterview @ Summer Fest, and I’m Talkin’ Jazz.

Bria’s early career was in the Vancouver, BC area where she grew up.  About 5 years ago she moved to New York and has done a lot of work in the East, both performing and some other industry work like youth education and production, such as the annual New York Jazz Festival.

Bria is early in her career but brings lots of things to us all at once.  She comes as a great trumpeter and singer, but an even better entertainer, with rare open friendliness.  Perhaps as a part of her western territory raising she doesn’t have that “always looking out for #1” appearance that is seen in some of the big-city names, despite the performing life rigors of travel, travel, travel.  By example when an interviewer remarked how much the audience liked her at her last show at the 2015 SJZ Summer Fest she commented “They were a very giving audience.”  Who are we kidding.  Bria gave – – a very nice evening performance.  As the audience we were just doing our job.

When you look a little further, Bria brings innovation, bridging styles.  A big part of her music foundation is New Orleans and Louis Armstrong.  However, as noted in the 2014 Downbeat article, sometimes she will play musical lines from one score against lyrics from another one.  If you know your music and watch closely you can catch this in some of her numbers.

Try these samples here from her most recent CD: “Let’s Go All In,” “Three Little Words,” “Little Girl.”

Come to the show.  Listen in at any level you wish.  It’s going to be good.

If you can’t make Saturday night 3/5 in San Jose at Cafe Stritch, Bria will be playing in East Bay the night before, 3/4 at 8 pm at the Piedmont Piano Company venue, Oakland, San Pablo at 18th.

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