Blues Harmonica Charlie Musselwhite – Friday 06 May 2016

Fred Witt | May 1st, 2016

16_04_22_KCSM_CMusselwhiteCharlie Musselwhite, veteran blues performer, was born in Mississippi into a musical family.  Charlie was playing music even as he was starting school.  He went through his teens with the start of Rock & Roll.  Barely into his 20’s, Charlie had been through Chicago, and then had discovered California, moving to San Francisco.

Musselwhite is a dyed-in-the-wool blues player with a wide following, and is pretty easy listening.  If you’re in the audience for “smooth jazz” (i.e. you can still tell the melody) he could be a man for you.  Try some of his work here with “Mississippi Beat Part I” “Blues in A“, “Darkest Hour“, and “Blues Why Do You Worry Me.”  He is nationally celebrated, with awards several times over, numerous releases, and even into movies (Blues Brothers 2000).

Join Kathleen and Greg between 9 pm and midnight Friday May 6 for a program about Charlie’s blues harmonica career.

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