Big Blues Voices Maybelle (Smith) and Joe Turner – Friday 06 May 2016

Fred Witt | May 1st, 2016

16_04_22_KCSM_BMaybelleBig Maybelle from Tennessee started as a child in gospel and in time moved along to blues.  She had a big voice, and could chose to really belt out, or sing music in great melody. Maybelle performed and lived to be a veteran of the 20th century, with a great list of releases.

Try some of the surviving tracks of Maybelle’s songs here: a booming “I’m Getting ‘Long Alright“, and a delightful melody, “Candy.”

16_04_23_KCSM_JTurner“Big Joe” Turner, from Mississippi went through a great career arc in the 1900’s.  He started in Blues, went forward through pop and Rock & Roll, and in the ’60’s pulled back into the Blues.  He was considered a master of traditional Blues verses and could spin them out the whole night.  He was entitled the “Boss of Blues” and came out with a release of the same name.  Here are some samples of Joe, with a 1965 UK Show, and work from his album “Boss of The Blues.”  (The UK show seems to start out Rock & Roll, but with a little patience it moves forward to Blues.)

Join Kathleen and Greg between 9 pm and midnight Friday May 6 for a program about Maybelle’s and Joe’s blues music, along with Charlie Musselwhite’s blues harmonica.

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