Andre Thierry – I’m Talkin’ Jazz – 20 April

Fred Witt | April 14th, 2014

14_04_13_KCSM_ThierryAndre plays a traditional form from Louisiana that’s a mixture of Cajun, Blues, and Rhythm & Blues. The form is known as Zydeco; Andre’s instrument is the accordion. While Andre’s family have long traditions from Louisiana, they migrated to California, and Andre is from Richmond.

Andre has his own band, the Zydeco Magic. Their music is pretty lively, and usually has quite a bit of vocal work in it. Their tour calendar is busy. They have just played in San Jose, San Francisco, Alameda, & Cotati. See their web site for a coming few months of many stops in Louisiana, Texas, and California. Try clicking some of these tracks from his recent CD “Are You Ready To Learn” for a sample of Andre’s music. If his style is for you, you can catch him in person from one of the bookings on their site.

Andre’s interview will be on KCSM’s I’m Talkin’ Jazz this coming Sunday, April 20, with Greg Bridges and you can get the story from Andre himself.


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