Allison Miller – I’m Talkin’ Jazz – 23 March

Ron Lee | March 17th, 2014

allison miller 01NYC based drummer Allison Miller and her band Boom Tic Boom were in town and spoke with Alisa Clancy. Allison just released her second album No Morphine No Lillies. From the album description on her web site “Miller calls No Morphine, No Lilies “a journey, meant to be listened to from the beginning to the end. I believe in creating a full album, and not single tracks,” she says. A multi-layered, multi-faceted, unified collection of radiant and energizing songs, the album reveals itself further with each repeated listen.” This sounds like the kind of album you can play and just get immersed into the music. You should check out her Tiny Desk concert video at Allison Miller Boom Tic Boom Tiny Desk Concert where you can see as well as hear her music.  Check our her schedule at and listen to her music.

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  1. Evelyn Ellis says:

    Is there anyway to hear this interview? Is it recorded so that someone who missed it can still hear it?

    • Ron Lee says:

      Hi! Unfortunately we do not make the interviews available online. I will pass your request on and see if this can happen in the future.


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