A Miles Davis Weekend Celebration 18 May 2pm-6pm and 19 May 10am-6pm

Ron Lee | May 13th, 2018

Join us starting Fri May 18th through Sat May 19th for an early celebration of MIles’s May 26th birthday. Miles is considered to be one of the most influential jazz musicians. His career spans the early bebop of the 1940 through the jazz fusion of the 80s-90s. Through all of his transitions Miles was always leading the way for the rest of the jazz world.

One of the features of the weekend will be the story of Miles’s Kind of Blue album. Since its issue in 1959 this album has been the top selling jazz album. It has been the introduction to jazz for many generations of listeners.

Join us starting Fri May 18 2-6pm with Chuy and Mel and all day Sat May 19 10am-6pm with Sonny, Dick and Mel.

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