Jacqui Naylor & Art Khu – I’m Talkin’ Jazz – Sun 29 Mar

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15_03_23_KCSM_JNaylorJacqui Naylor, an SF Bay Area native and now a San Francisco-based singer gives a modern mix to our jazz vocals.  She can readily sing one set of lyrics over another song score !  Jacqui has a really good voice and a folk-style, some times a little gritty. A lot of her songs cover the human spirit and daily living of us all.  When she’s easy going she can be really easy on your ears (see the release Live East/West !).

She and her group have a number of recordings out.  Other recent ones are Lucky Girl and Dead Divas Society.

Our Connecticut piano, guitar & 15_03_23_KCSM_AKhubass player in her group, Art Khu is now based in SF, playing and touring with Jacqui.  Beyond the group Art has some arrangement and recording work on his own.  Art shows us swing and new age music, and is masterful at the cool and calm mood.

See their style for your self in tracks by Jacqui and Art here, and especially here.

Tune in Sunday 29 March at 8 am for the story from Jacqui and Art on their journey.  They will be on the I’m Talkin’ Jazz program with KCSM’s Alisa Clancy.

Billy Taylor Memorial – I’m Talkin’ Jazz – Sun 22 Mar

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15_03_13_KCSM_BTaylorBilly Taylor, a veteran performer was born into a musical family in North Carolina early in the 20th century. He studied several instruments and started playing piano for money in his teens. For the first 15 years of his career he was taken with performing and with dozens of his many recordings. In the 60’s his education and broadcasting began to take off, even while his recordings continued. Billy became as famous for his education and jazz promotion as his playing. He passed away in 2010.

Billy played as bebop, dixieland, boogie-woogie, and mambo but some of his easy listening work was swing. Not very much of Billy’s work is available but you can listen to some of his tracks here, here, and here.

Come join Dick Conte Sunday 22 March at 8 am on the I’m Talkin’ Jazz program for the Billy Taylor memorial program.

In Memory of Bob Parlocha, the Dinner Jazz host 1938-2015

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Bob Parlocha photoOn Monday of this week we were sad to learn of the passing of Bob Parlocha a long time jazz radio host in the Bay Area. I remember listening to Bob on his Dinner Jazz show on KJAZ in Alameda. Bob started doing Dinner Jazz in 1978. He eventually became the music director at KJAZ. In 1994 KJAZ was sold. Bob them moved on to produce and record a syndicated show “Jazz with Bob Parlocha”. Bob’s show airs seven nights a week on KCSM in the late night early morning hours. Bob was also carried on many public radio stations across the US and in Canada.You can read more about the life and career of Bob at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Parlocha

We all miss Bob as the voice of jazz radio. Please add your thoughts and memories in the comments below.

Richard Bona – I’m Talkin’ Jazz 15 Mar

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1366612699_richard_bona-500Jazz bassist Richard Bona was born in Cameroon. At an early age he played jazz in his home town of Minta, Cameroon at a local jazz club. He later moved to Paris where he played and met many American artists who encouraged him to move to New York. Richard has played with everyone from Paul Simon and Harry Connick Jr. to Queen Latifah and Chaka Khan, not to mention Tito Puente, George Benson, Herbie Hancock and Bobby Mc Ferrin.

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KCSM Live Stream from San Jose Jazz Winter Fest – Marc Cary Focus Trio – Sat 8pm

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cid_33D12C12-F9DB-47F6-ABA6-C4A4771A9596@mhcable-682x1024KCSM and San Jose Jazz Winter Fest are proud to present a live stream broadcast of the Marc Cary Focus Trio. Join Chris Cortez and Greg Bridges as they host the live stream performance. Ron Pelitier will be doing emcee duties up on stage. Tune in to KCSM Sat night at 8pm!


Andrew Speight – I’m Talkin’ Jazz 1 Mar

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Bay Area alto saxaphonist Andrew Speight came to the US from Sydney Australia. He currently teaches at San Francisco State. He has played a lot with Branford and Wynton Marsalis along with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Locally you can hear him at Jazz at Pearl’s in North Beach.

Marc Cary Focus Trio – San Jose Jazz Winter Fest – 7 Mar 830pm

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cid_33D12C12-F9DB-47F6-ABA6-C4A4771A9596@mhcable-682x1024Pianist Marc Cary and his Focus Trio will be playing at Cafe Stritch on Sat 7 Mat at 830pm. Marc and his Focus trio group currently reside in Washington, DC. Marc’s background inludes an extended stint as Betty Carter’s pianist and later on played with Roy Hargrove. His latest work is a solo piano album “For the Love of Abbey”. On this recording he covers ten of Lincoln’s songs and three original compositions. His Focus trio group has been together since mid-2000. On Sat 7 Mar Marc and the Focus Trio will be playing at the Cafe Stritch as part of the San Jose Jazz Winter Fest event. You can get tickets and read more about Marc at Winter Fest Marc Cary and the Focus Trio


Kris Bowers – San Jose Jazz Winter Fest – 6 Mar 9 pm

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15_02_15_KCSM_KBowersKris is a young, new pianist and composer talent of the 21st century. He studied music on both coasts, and came out strong in performance, winning the 2011 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Piano Competition.  In 5 years he has been on 10 releases, either as leader or a sideman, and has been touring internationally.

Kris’ early study was in classical piano before going on to some current electronic jazz rhythm & blues. A lot of his music is spare, intellectual, and serious jazz composition. His music frequently is both interesting and engaging.  Try some of his tracks here for a view of his work.

Last fall Kris toured Europe; this Spring he is appearing Michigan and southern California.

See Kris’ show Friday evening 6 March at 9 pm.  It will be at the San Jose Stage Company (near San Pedro square).

Diane Schuur – San Jose Jazz Winter Fest – 7 Mar 830 pm

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15_02_13_KCSM_DSchuurDiane Schuur from Seattle is a veteran, blind jazz singer & pianists. Her earliest gigs were in the 60’s, with her major work starting in the 70’s.

From early on her inspiring musicians were Sarah Vaughan and Dinah Washington. Diane has given us music with a terrific singing voice, and shouldn’t be missed. Her disk releases start in the 80’s and her most recent is “The Gathering,” 2011.

Diane is a two-time Grammy winner and has gone on from her Seattle upbringing to tour internationally with stops including Carnegie Hall and the White House. Her touring partners have included the big names of Q. Jones, Getz, King, Gillespie, Ferguson, Charles, and Wonder.

On her way to our March show, Diane has been touring the West Coast, Deep South; Greece, and Asia via Japan & the Philippines.

Her Winter Fest show Saturday evening 7 March, 8:30 pm will be a “don’t-miss,” and will be at the San Jose Stage Company (near San Pedro square).

Regina Carter – I’m Talkin’ Jazz – 22 Feb

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ReginaCarterOn Sunday Regina Carter will be talking about jazz and her new album Reverse Thread. Reverse Thread was released on May 2010. Currently Regina is touring Toronto and NY. She will be in the Bay Area in May 2014.

From the press release for Reverse Thread:

When preeminent violinist Regina Carter made the decision to record an album primarily of African folk tunes, she created a great challenge for herself: how do you take beautiful traditional music and infuse it with a contemporary feel while remaining true to its past — and then, not compromise its beauty? Her newest release, Reverse Thread, due out on E1 Entertainment on May 18th brilliantly responds to the challenge. To achieve the uplifting and stirring result, Regina added an accordion and kora—the West African harp traditionally played by village storytellers—to her longstanding rhythm section. Kora virtuoso Yacouba Sissoko was brought on board to help recreate the spirit of passing stories from generation to generation. The result—unlike anything previously heard—is a haunting and beautiful compliment to Regina’s sumptuously seductive violin.

In 2006 Regina received a McArthur Foundation grant. This grant is known as the genius award and allow Regina to produce Reverse Thread. From the McArthur Foundation web site:

Regina Carter is a master of improvisational jazz violin.  Though her work draws upon a wide range of musical influences – including Motown, Afro-Cuban, swing, bebop, folk and world music – she has crafted a signature voice and style.  In jazz, bowed string instruments such as the violin are not traditionally featured in the solo role; Carter’s performances highlight the often overlooked potential of the jazz violin for its lyric, melodic, and percussive potential.  Her early training as a classical musician is reflected in the fluidity, grace, and balance of her performance.  Carter’s repertoire retains a firm connection with the familiar while venturing in new, unexpected directions.  On recordings such as Motor City Moments (2000), where she overlays swing with a soulful sound, and Freefall (2001), a collaboration with jazz legend Kenny Barron, Carter taps into a broad musical vocabulary to weave new sound tapestries.  In live performances with jazz veterans and in ensembles, she captivates her audience with the passion and spirit of adventure intrinsic to her approach to music.  Through artistry with an instrument that has been defined predominantly by the classical tradition, Carter is pioneering new possibilities for the violin and for jazz.

Regina Carter studied violin performance at the New England Conservatory of Music and received a B.A. (1985) in music from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.  Her additional solo recordings include Regina Carter (1995), Something for Grace (1997), Rhythms of the Heart (1999), Paganini: After a Dream (2002), and I’ll Be Seeing You: A Sentimental Journey (2006).  Carter has performed at venues throughout the United States and Europe, including Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa, Italy.


You can find out more about Regina’s current tour and listen to her music at