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Sing a Song of Jazz with The Singing Instrumentalists, Thursday, January 28th, 2pm-6PM

January 27th, 2016

Jazz91Sing a Song of Jazz with The  Singing Instrumentaliists, featuring Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan, Louis Armstrong, Carmen McRae, Allen Toussaint, Aretha Franklin, Chet Baker, Mose Allison, Fats Waller and more! Join us as Chuy and Mel take us through the works of these artists on Thursday 28 January from 2pm – 6pm!


Ruth Brown and Etta James Fri 29 Jan 2pm-midnight

January 22nd, 2016

Ruth Brown and Etta James are two of the great ladies of R&B. In the 1950s their hit songs were at the top of the charts. Ruth Brown got her start in R&B at Atlantic Records. She had a long string of hits like “So Long”, “5-10-15 hours” and  “(Mama)He treats your daughter so mean”. Etta James was recording for Chess Records at the same time and had hits like “All I Could Do is Cry”, “At Last”, “I Just Want to Make Love to You” and “Tell Mama”. Both went on to have future comeback careers and were recognized and honored by the R&B and blues audiences.

Listen as Chuy, Mel, Kathleen and Harry play the songs of these great blues and R&B singers.



90th Birthday of Tony Bennett – KCSM Special Program – Sat 30 Jan, 10am-6pm

January 21st, 2016

16_01_03_KCSM_TBennettOn Saturday, January 30th, join Sonny and Mel for a 90th Birthday celebration of our Tony Bennett.

The incredible Tony Bennett, touring this past year with our up & coming star Lady Gaga, is now at his 90th birthday and doing great.  Born a solidly Italian Anthony Dominic “Tony” Benedetto in NYC, he has released some 70 albums, and has cruised the upper layers of our popular singing atmosphere, with the likes of Frank Sinatra.  Tony has specialized in the better music of the popular American Songbook.  As a reminder of his music, try this “The Way You Look Tonight” released in the ’60’s.

Sonny and Mel will be on Saturday January 30th from 10am-6pm for the Tony Bennett 90th Birthday special.

Sam Cooke’s 85th Anniversary of his birth Sun 24 Jan 10am-2pm

January 17th, 2016

Sam Cooke 51PA3DVxDdL._AA160_Sam Cooke has been described as the father of soul music. Sam started his career in Chicago as a gospel singer. In the late 1950s he crossed over into the pop category and had hits like “Chain Gang”, “You Send Me” and “A Change is Gonna Come”. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s he produced hit after hit. Sam Cooke was also an accomprished songwriter and music entrepeneur. He owned his own label as well as a music publishing business.

Keith and Melanie will be exploring the musical legacy of Sam Cooke as they celebrate the 85th anniversary of his birth. Tune in to KCSM and listen.


Remembering Ella ! and Others – KCSM Special Program – Sat 23 Jan, 10am-6pm

January 14th, 2016

16_01_02_KCSM_EFitzgeraldOn Saturday, January 23rd, join Sonny Buxton, Mel Berzon, Dick Conte and Kathleen Lawton for a celebration of special jazz people; Ella Fitzgerald and others.

Ella is an example of talent that can’t be held back, born in 1917 in Virginia and coming at one point from homeless orphan beginnings .  She died in 1996 in California.   Pick your own list of best lady jazz singers, but likely Ella is on it, & up there !  The fact that she had a great voice on several counts has just been the springboard for her spirit and variety in the life’s jazz song performances. (There was also a great smile !)  Her work has the fame to go with it.

Just to remind you of the great singing, click here for Ella’s “Summertime” from Porgy & Bess, released in 1968.

Look for Ella and some other of our great jazz artists on the coming KCSM special program.  Now join Sonny, Mel, Dick, and Kathleen on Saturday January 23 from 10am to 6 pm for a special program on Ella and others.

Allen Toussaint Tribute – KCSM Jazz Special – Fri 22 Jan, 2pm-Midnight

January 13th, 2016

16_01_01_KCSM_AToussaintOn Friday, January 22nd, join Chuy Varela, Mel Berzon, Kathleen Lawton and Harry Duncan  for a 90th Birthday tribute to American jazz composer, producer, singer & pianist Allen Toussaint. Allen, from New Orleans passed away just this past November.

Allen was born in 1938 into a musical family, and was playing and composing in bands in his teens.  He went on in a steady career, much more of composing & producing than performing, to his 70’s !  Allen composed & played blues, soul and jazz.  He has a healthy release list, running from ’58 through 2013, with a lot of true New Orleans-style middle-of-the road American jazz.

If you don’t know much of Allen’s music yet, try this lbum, one of his most popular, “The Bright Mississippi”, playing at Mississippi river speed, released in 2009 to see if your R&B are his R&B.  For something stepping a little more quickly, try this “Southern Nights” album released in 1975.  (Note the track lists on these if you click “show more”…).  Allen is quite a case of easy but interesting southern American listening.

Join Chuy, Mel, Kathleen, and Harry on Friday, January 22 from 2pm to midnight on The Blues Show for a Allen Toussaint Tribute and get a story on Allen’s journey.

Etta James’ 78th Anniversary of her birth – Wed 20 Jan 2pm-6pm Mon 25 Jan 2-6pm

January 13th, 2016

Etta James 71dM0tUMXML._SL1425_Know for her signature song At Last Etta James’ career started with her discovery by Johnny Otis in 1950. She produced a series of hits like The Wallflower(Roll with me Henry), All I Can Do is Cry, At Last, Tell Mama and many others. Her time at Chess records was portrayed in the movie Cadillac Records. Later in her career she was recognized with several grammy awards, induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and named #62 in the Rolling Stoes’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

We are paying tribute to Etta on the 78th anniversary of the birth of Etta James. Listen to her sing “Something Has Got a Hold on Me”.

Sing a Song of Jazz on KCSM

January 6th, 2016

71097_193349651122_1526328_nAh the voice! The first instrument. The vehicle through which all others developed. Where would we be without it?

Fortunately we don’t have to answer that question, since we have so many extraordinary jazz vocalists in our history and our midst.

Join us this month as we Sing a Song of Jazz and celebrate some of the greats! The fun begins on Jan 20th as KCSM presents:

  • Etta James’ 78th Anniversary of her birth – Chuy and Melanie Wed 20 Jan 2pm-6pm
  • Tribute to the late Allen Toussaint – Chuy, Melanie, Kathleen and Harry Fri 22 Jan 2pm – Midnight
  • Sing a Song of Jazz with Ella Fitzgerald and others – Sonny with Melanie, Dick and Kathleen Sat 23 Jan 10am-6pm
  • Sam Cooke’s 85th anniversary of his birth – Keith and Melanie Sun 24 Jan 10am-2pm
  • Ruth Brown’s 88th anniversary of her birth and Etta James’ 78th anniversary of her birth – Chuy with Mel and Kathleen with Harry 29 Jan 2pm-midnight
  • Tony Bennet’s 90th Birthday! – Sonny and Mel 30 Jan 10am-6pm

Watch the KCSM blog for more details on these shows and others!

KCSM Early Bird donation

January 5th, 2016

774LBe an Early Bird! Make your donation between January 5-19 (6pm PST) and kick off the New Year in our new T-shirt! This exclusive KCSM item features a sketch based on a playful candid shot of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong taken in 1959. The T-shirt is a 98% cotton/2% poly blend, and should wash and wear well. Available in sizes Small to XXXL. In addition to the T-shirt, you will get an Ella and Louis: Together 2-CD set


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KCSM membership drive – call for volunteers!

January 5th, 2016

71097_193349651122_1526328_nHave you been thinking about a New Year’s resolution?

Tired of making one you can’t keep? Well, here’s one that’s easy, fun and fulfilling… Why not volunteer to answer phones during our upcoming membership drive? It’ll make you feel good, and you’ll be helping out a good cause to boot! Our membership drive starts Jan 20 and goes through Feb 2.

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