2 Weeks Inside Studio D, of Fantasy Studios

Fred Witt | February 15th, 2019

“In September 2018 producer Karen Lile brought some of the Bay Area’s musicians together for one last recording session at Fantasy Studios before they closed up shop.  The fantastic result is a recording session release, a documentary film and interview project titled, “Two Weeks inside Studio D.”

Fantasy Studios of Fantasy Records in San Francisco and then Berkeley was *the* production place of many new jazz music movements in the Bay Area in the ’60’s and ’70’s. When a hot popular creative artist came out in the area, their recording work was probably done at Fantasy. Early artists included the likes of Brubeck, Chet Baker, Cal Tjader and Vince Guaraldi. Fantasy did a lot of film work in addition to audio. Studio D was an expansion in 1980, and was the most elaborate of the properties. Journey’s Escape was an early Studio D recording.

Karen Lile will join me and Jayn Pettingill on Morning Cup of Jazz our first day of pledge, Valentine’s Day. Then Dick Conte and Kathleen Lawton will air the whole session on Jazz in the Afternoon, Saturday March 2nd from 2pm-6pm. And, Dick will tie in his new release that he recorded over in that studio on the Bill Evans piano. 

Lots of bay area musical love connections are coming up on Valentine’s Day then March 2 here on Jazz91″

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