Harry Richard Hall

Our Newest Additon To The KCSM Announcer Staff

Harry Richard Hall has got music in his blood! His dad grew up in the Hill District of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Ahmad Jamal, Lena Horne, Billy Eckstein and Errol Garner were just a few of the entertainers who came from Steele Town and graced the powerful memories of his father’s youth.

Music has always been a part of Harry’s life. At thirteen he took guitar lessons from a neighbor, Steve Hall, at Drapers Music in Palo Alto. Steve was a Berklee School of Music grad and really opened up Harry’s ears. Steve turned him on to Charlie Christian, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Kenny Burrell and Grant Green. Vern Older, a really great guitarist and teacher, ran Draper's Music and would jam with Harry and his friends and show them the ropes when they hung around his store. To this day Harry has fond memories of Mr. Older.

As a CSM broadcast student Harry started listening to KCSM in the mid 1990's. He met Alisa Clancy in one of his classes when she came to lecture about the radio business. He submitted a demo tape, was selected as an overnight jazz host and got hooked on the medium of radio! Chris Cortez mentored him in digital editing and production, which helped him secure other radio gigs; and John Rogers taught him about ebb and flow in mixing music. Harry says: “The truth is, I've learned something from each and every announcer at the station and glean something new from them on a daily basis. The wealth of live music in the Bay Area is amazing and more than likely we will see each other out at one of the many festivals, concerts and clubs. Please come up and say hello, share a story or two about the music and let's keep the music flowing 24/7!”

Harry Richard Hall is host of Jazz Sessions every Sunday at 9pm.