J  A  Z  Z     D   A   T   E   B   O   O   K     
  8:00 PM Bob Enos 18-Piece Big Band    Jazz    
  Alameda   Rooster's Roadhouse    
  7:00 PM Doug McKechnie Piano     Jazz    
  Berkeley   Marsh Cabaret    
  7:30 PM Craig & MacGregor and Friends    Jazz    
  Berkeley   Marsh Cabaret    
  8:00 PM Sound Underground    Jazz    
  Berkeley   Berkeley Arts Festival    
  5:00 PM Larry St.Lezin Trio    Jazz    
  Foster City   Crowne Plaza - Foster City, San Mateo    
  7:00 PM Mike Greensill - Solo Piano    Jazz    
  Napa   Silo's    
  7:00 PM Debbie Poryes, Solo Jazz Piano    Jazz    
  Oakland   Pican Restaurant & Lounge    
  8:00 PM Jazz Jam Session and Open Mic    Jazz    
  Oakland   Shadow Ultra Lounge (Formerly Maxwell's)    
  12:30 PM Jazz with tea and cookies    Jazz    
  San Francisco   Richmond Senior Center    
  6:00 PM Terry Disleys Rocking-Jazz-Trio    Other    
  San Francisco   Burritt Room    
  6:00 PM Mal Sharpe's Big Money In Jazz Band/Faith Winthrop    Jazz    
  San Francisco   Fior D'Italia    
  7:30 PM The Charles Unger Experience    Jazz    
  San Francisco   Jazz Bistro    
  8:00 PM Sebastian Parker Trio    Jazz    
  San Francisco   Sheba Piano Lounge    
  8:00 PM Marley Pohorski Burn Jazz Trio    Jazz    
  San Jose   Hedley Bar and Grill - Hotel De Anza    
  7:00 PM Neil Kelly Duo    Jazz    
  San Mateo   B Street and Vine    
  7:00 PM Amanda Addleman jazz piano and vocals    Jazz    
  San Rafael   Panama Hotel    
  6:00 PM Dick Conte    Jazz    
  Stinson Beach   Sand Dollar Restaurant    

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