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"Every three months, each broadcast radio and television station licensee must prepare and place in its station public file a list of programs containing its most significant treatment of community issues during the preceding three months (“issues/programs lists”). The list must briefly describe both the issue and the programming during which the issue was discussed, including the date and time that each such program was aired and its title and duration. The licensee must keep these lists in the file until the next grant of the station renewal application has become final. Television stations will be required to file a Standardized Television Disclosure Form instead of these lists once that form is approved and made available. The form, which will also be filed quarterly, will require commercial and noncommercial educational television broadcasters to provide detailed information on the efforts of their station to provide programming responsive to issues facing their communities in a standardized form." quote from FCC document, "The Public and Broadcasting"

Some of the ways KCSM ascertains issues of interest to its community are through members' and listeners' correspondence, outreach through presentations at service organizations and community events, following stories in the local press, and from input from the San Mateo County Community College District Board of Trustees. KCSM also airs student productions from the Broadcast and Electronic Media department of the College of San Mateo.

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