KCSM-TV logo List of Contracts Required to be Filed with the FCC   

"Stations have to keep either a copy of all the contracts that they have to file with the FCC, or an up-to-date list identifying all such contracts. If the station keeps a list and you ask to see copies of the actual contracts, the station must give them to you within seven days.

Contracts required to be maintained or listed in the public inspection file include:
  1. contracts relating to network service (network affiliation contracts);
  2. contracts relating to ownership or control of the licensee or permittee or its stock.       Examples include articles of incorporation, bylaws, agreements providing for the       assignment of a license or permit or affecting stock ownership or voting rights             (stock options, pledges, or proxies), and mortgage or loan agreements that            restrict the licensee or permittee's freedom of operation;
  3. management consultant agreements with independent contractors, and station       management contracts that provide for a percentage of profits or sharing of       losses." quote from FCC document, "The Public and Broadcasting"

KCSM has no contracts that fall under these guidelines.

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