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rss feedJazz Highlights
In The Moment with Jim Bennett
Thu, Aug 28th from 9:00PM - 10:00PM
Ed Reed
Vocalist Ed Reed recorded February 1st, 2014, at the Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland, in a performance dedicated to the memory of his long time producer, our colleague, Bud Spangler. With Randy Porter and John Wiitala.
Crazy 'Bout The Blues with Kathleen Lawton
Fri, Aug 29th from 9:00PM - 12:00AM
From the earliest recorded blues to 21st century blues; from the depths of the Mississippi Delta to the grooves of Oaktown - “Crazy ’Bout the Blues” explores the whole gamut of emotions that make up the wild, witty, heartbreaking and unpredictable genre called the blues, the roots of so much of America's popular music.
rss feedKCSM TV Programming Change
On Tuesday, July 15th, KCSM will change its program line up. All MHZ programming, including the International Mystery series, will be discontinued. KCSM will broadcast a mix of programming made available from American Public Television, National Educational Television Association, and other program providers. Thank you for watching KCSM TV. MHz programming is available at their website http://www.mhznetworks.org/mhz-worldview/live

KCSM FCC Public Files