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rss feedJazz Highlights
In The Moment with Jim Bennett
Thu, Jul 31st from 9:00PM - 10:00PM
The Michael O'Neill Quintet
The Michael O'Neill Quintet featuring Kenny Washington, recorded at The Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland, on January 12th, 2014, with Erik Jekabson, John R. Burr, Dan Feiszli and Alan Hall.
Beth Custer Stranded on Desert Island Jazz
Fri, Aug 1st from 9:00AM - 10:00AM
Hosted by Alisa Clancy every week KCSM strands a new castaway on its desert island. The castaway, who may be a jazz musician, producer, promoter, presenter or educator, or just a fan, selects eight pieces of music to keep them company on the island. In addition, they choose a book and a luxury item.
rss feedKCSM TV Programming Change
On Tuesday, July 15th, KCSM will change its program line up. All MHZ programming, including the International Mystery series, will be discontinued. KCSM will broadcast a mix of programming made available from American Public Television, National Educational Television Association, and other program providers. Thank you for watching KCSM TV. MHz programming is available at their website http://www.mhznetworks.org/mhz-worldview/live

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